Sweden: successful reconciliation of work and family life


Swedish parents are among the EU’s most successful in balancing work and family responsibilities. Female and maternal employment rates are among the highest in the EU, and child poverty is among the lowest. The country’s family policy is aimed at supporting the dual-earner family model and ensuring the same rights and obligations regarding family and work for both women and men. Generous spending on family benefits, flexible leave and working hours for parents with young children and affordable, high-quality childcare are the main factors for success. The aim of the Swedish financial family policy is to contribute to improved conditions for good living standards for all families with children, increased freedom of choice and empowerment of parents, as well as to promote equality in parenthood between women and men.

Rules, Traits and government resolutions of Sweden that Makes them Successful:

-Largest proportion of working mothers in the EU
-Generous and flexible leave schemes
-High spending on family benefits
-Affordable and high-quality universal childcare
-New reform regarding maintenance allowance
-A new Authority on Family Law and Parental Support
-A new agreement on Psychiatry and Mental Health

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