Jun Ji Hyun is Back with Her New KDrama Series!


After the big success of the Korean drama “My Love from the Star” last 2014, actress Jun Ji Hyun is now coming back after giving birth to her first child last February 2016 to the new SBS television series, “The Legend of the Blue Sea” with actor, Lee Minho; directed by Park Seon Ho and Jin Hyuk who also directed the 2011 Korean drama, “City Hunter” with the same lead actor.


It was the very first time they work together and they both admitted in their press conference at Imperial Palace in Seoul last 14th day of November, that they started off awkwardly. The 29-year-old actor even said that because of being focused on setting up with their own characters, it took a bit more time to get closer with the 35-year-old actress, who also felt the same thing. But like the other love teams, they got closer and comfortable to each other which can be seen on the first two episodes of “The Legend of the Blue Sea” that aired last November 16 and 17 and got the 2nd and 4th highest ranking in Seoul National Capital Area Nationwide by AGB Nielsen, leaving behind the other debuted dramas from the other biggest TV network.


Now, more Korean and international fans are looking forward for what going to happen next with the genius confident man who tries to help a mermaid to adapt the human life. This fantasy-romance-comedy drama will surely get the attentions of the viewers as they got more curious to see how the two actors will played their characters well. They even filmed to Palau and Girona, Catalonia, Spain for more scenic views of beaches and seas.


“The Legend of the Blue Sea” has 20 episodes that airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10pm KST+ on SBS.






Miss Movin’ On

It’s just suddenly came up to my mind, because of my friend who got broken hearted by her first love. Now I just wonder, is it really hard to move on?

Actually, I am a married woman now. And I’m so lucky that my first love who became my first boyfriend is my husband right now. Who would think that from a simple puppy crush when we we’re in kindergarten would turn to love when we reached the high school stage. That’s why I haven’t any clue on how it feels to be broken hearted by being hurt of the one you love. Yes, of course I am lucky! But how about my friend? The other people that got dumped by their boyfriends/girlfriends/wife or husband?

People especially girls always crying, whining, asking and seeking for help when they got broken hearted, like my friend. And of course as her friend, I just keep on listening to everything she wanted to say, wishing that it might lessen even a little bit of her pain. Then she asked me this, this old line question from different movies and novels and even a lyrics from a song, “How can I move on?” And honestly, in the back of my mind, I want to laugh… and I did. I even sing it for her, “How can I move on if I’m still in love with you?” And it made her smile a little but still, she wants an answer.

So if she’s your friend? What would be the first advice or tips you’d be given to her?

Because me, as her “true friend” I just sing and hug her tight while she’s crying.

“Oh you’ll never be that girl again

ooh.. ooh..

Your innocense is wearin thin

But your heart is growing strong…”

And you know what I realized after, yes people are always getting hurt… by anything or by anyone. But to think of it, before you got hurt, before you got broken hearted, did he/she made you happy? Because I think that’s the most important question. Then, we should just accept it and never regrets for letting those people who hurt us. Because we would never hurt if they would never makes us happy in the very first place. We can just save those memories and make a new one with the better one at the right time. And while waiting for the right time, we should get back our focus to ourselves. It can be our old selves or the new one. But whatever it is, it should be for the better.

And in my opinion, moving on is not hard as you think it is because you were just hurt. Because if you only teach yourself to accept it, it wouldn’t be difficult to move on. Don’t let yourself drown because of what happened and instead, teach your self to become more much better. There are so many things you can do to ease and forget the pain. And of course, we should always never forget to ask for His guidance to be with us, and to leads us to the right person for us. Trusting Him won’t ever let us down. Just believe.

So, are you still going to ask how can you move on?

Well, I hope not.

And for my friend, I hope you really did well in trying to forget the pain and not all the happy memories you had with him. And when you come back here, I wish you can sing that song too (Miss Movin’ On – the original version), with all your heart… for real. Then let’s sing together, “Shout to my Ex!” though I don’t have any, so I will just “Shout to your Ex!”

5 Best Songs for Her… From Him.

Since I haven’t any work today, I just came up browsing to my playlist and pick only five songs that for me is the best to hear from my husband.. Or may be you can also find these best for your girlfriends or hear these from your boyfriends. Well, singing a song for your loved ones especially in front of the other people will never failed you to make them fall for you even more.

I also included here the best lines from the lyrics for me. So I hope you’ll like it too.

5: Firehouse – I Live My Life For You

“I’ve built my world around you

And I want you to know

I need you like I’ve never needed anyone before…”

4: 98 Degrees – My Everything

“You are my everything

Nothing your love won’t bring

My life is yours alone

The only love I’ve ever known…”

3: Shayne Ward – All My Life

“All my life

I prayed for someone like you

And I thank God that I

That I finally found you…”

2: Westlife – Evergreen

“I’m gonna take this moment

And make it last forever

I’m gonna give my heart away

And pray we’ll stay together…”

1: Boys Like Girls – Be Your Everything

“Be your forever

Be your fling

Baby I will be your everything…”

What do you think?