5 Best Songs for Her… From Him.

Since I haven’t any work today, I just came up browsing to my playlist and pick only five songs that for me is the best to hear from my husband.. Or may be you can also find these best for your girlfriends or hear these from your boyfriends. Well, singing a song for your loved ones especially in front of the other people will never failed you to make them fall for you even more.

I also included here the best lines from the lyrics for me. So I hope you’ll like it too.

5: Firehouse – I Live My Life For You

“I’ve built my world around you

And I want you to know

I need you like I’ve never needed anyone before…”

4: 98 Degrees – My Everything

“You are my everything

Nothing your love won’t bring

My life is yours alone

The only love I’ve ever known…”

3: Shayne Ward – All My Life

“All my life

I prayed for someone like you

And I thank God that I

That I finally found you…”

2: Westlife – Evergreen

“I’m gonna take this moment

And make it last forever

I’m gonna give my heart away

And pray we’ll stay together…”

1: Boys Like Girls – Be Your Everything

“Be your forever

Be your fling

Baby I will be your everything…”

What do you think?



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